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The smart way to generate qualified leads.

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Helping you sell

We create high-impact, interactive content that educates and engages your target audience, captures leads and feeds your sales team with rich data. 

Generate more leads from campaigns

Put the recipient at the center of your campaign and create a two-way conversation. The self diagnosis, self assessment and personal calculation are all tools we use to generate above industry average response rates.

Convert more leads on your website

When making decisions, it’s natural people like to assess their own situation and understand what’s relevant for their business individually. Plug a tool into your website and experience not only an increase in leads but also more qualified leads direct to your sales team.

How we do it

Step 1. Set Up

Using our fully customisable designs, we’ll develop the right idea for your website or campaign into a smart interactive tool which seamlessly integrates with your brand.

Step 2. Generate Leads

Your buyers will want to interact with this relevant content. And by identifying what will provide true value for the user, we’ll secure their permission and contact details for immediate follow up.

Step 3. Optimise

CogniClick’s management tools make it easy for us to test and continually optimise results. We’ll monitor audience interactions and continually optimise your tool and conversion rates.

Types of interactive content

  • Assessment – Help your audience assess themselves and give them valuable insight into their own business

  • Product Selector – Help your audience understand which product or solution is the right match for their needs

  • Calculator – Help your audience make better decisions by personalising the experience with a custom calculator

“CogniClick created 6 tools for us last year for our global audience which have achieved an unprecedented response rate”

Hayley Van Leeuwen, Head of Marketing, Global Navigation Solutions

Who we help

A few recent examples

increase in website conversion rate on average
increase in sales ready leads on average

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