The smart way to generate B2B leads

Canvass the opinion of your industry and transform it into rich insights for sales, marketing and thought leadership

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Transform engagement

 Live comparison with peers

Captivate your audience with live comparisons around topics they’re eager to engage with.

 Real-time benchmarking

Keep prospects immersed throughout, with feedback from their peers and instant industry benchmarking.

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Turbocharge leads

Instant qualified leads

Motivate your audience to sign-up to highly useful, comprehensive and personalised industry reports, benchmarks and insights.

Personalised reporting

Nurture and convert leads with tailored calls-to-action and intelligent and personalised communications.

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Secure high-value insights

 Lead insights

Uncover crucial client intelligence and give your sales team key insights to enable smart conversations and conversions.

 Industry insights

Gain unique insights to inform your strategy, uncover important market trends and provide key thought leadership to your audience.

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Maximise any campaign

We partner with a whole host of high-quality B2B and trade media to amplify your campaign across their key channels including online, social media, and email.

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Improve ROI

On average, at least 65% of users who start a Cogniclick campaign request the full report. Resulting in a 400 x increase in leads compared to other forms of content and campaigns.

Kantar secured 145 opportunities from 200 engagements within 10 days, with their Reputation Intelligence Campaign

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Views with value – content comparison

CogniClick Webinar White Paper Survey
Drives leads for sales
Delivers thought leadership
Insights to drive business development and PR
Real-time benchmark
Live peer-to-peer comparison
Automated report for each user
Sales intelligence on each lead

We created 6 campaigns last year with CogniClick for our global audience which achieved an unprecedented response rate

Hayley Van Leeuwen, Head of Product and Marketing, GNS

Our latest campaign with CogniClick and PRWEEK generated a huge demand for the sales team. WE had over 200 leads and 70% of those who started our campaign requested the full report.

Claire Melly, Head of Marketing, Kantar Media

We have used CogniClick campaigns to generate leads across all our products and generated high level engagement with accountants, payroll professionals and FDs.

Curt Brooker, Head of B2B Marketing, Caxton FX