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The ‘Next Normal’ in AEC

In the midst of the pandemic in 2020, CogniClick helped Autodesk’s ABM team to engage C-Suite executives in its biggest accounts and support them in a period of extreme uncertainty.

Simultaneously delivering key insights on each account to the sales team and facilitating a highly informed, personalised and meaningful follow-up.

High-levels of engagement

The peer comparison format gave Autodesk’s incredibly senior and busy audience the unique opportunity to compare their opinions and concerns on the future of the industry with their C-Suite peers, live and in real time. With each benchmark question the audience was rewarded with insight.

Industry reports

On top of this, they had the opportunity to receive, not just a one-size-fits-all report, but a granular and personalised report relating to their specific answers, to guide their future growth.

This engaging, non-pushy approach provided the opportunity to get closer to customers, understand their needs.

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Business impact

The campaign resulted in direct engagement with accounts with a huge opportunity value for Autodesk.

The platform also gave the marketing team not only data on each individual account but a temperature-check of the industry as a whole. Understanding the AEC industry’s current outlook as a result of the pandemic was invaluable for future customer communications.

The data enabled an ongoing programme of content and customer interactions.

Judy Wilks

Companies often fail to engage senior executives because they don’t speak their language. At this level, every interaction must be a value exchange: you have to earn the right to an executive’s time by offering something of real business value. The benchmark format crafted with CogniClick did just that. We knew they were wondering whether others in the industry had weathered the storm and were planning to invest for the future. With the platform, we were able to offer them unique insight on that topic. In doing so, we started a business-level conversation and positioned Autodesk as a strategic partner.

Judy Wilks, ABM Content Lead, EMEA