Sales Forms: Get leads over the line quicker

Our Sales Form tools will help your marketing and sales teams to action next steps for your leads.

Designed to maximise leads at the bottom of the funnel

Add personalisation to increase lead engagement

Increase conversions with tailored calls-to-action

Content that sells

Whether it’s identifying which product or service is right for them, or making it easy for them to unlock discounts or tailored content, our Direct Sell content makes it easy for you to action next steps with your leads.

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Personalised suggestions

Provide the perfect sales opportunity without tailored suggestions without your prospects feeling sold to.

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Upsell and cross-sell with ease

CogniClick Direct Sell tools are tailor-made for upselling and cross-selling to your existing database and they are even more powerful when combined with the high-level of personalisation afforded by our ABM features.

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Easy integration

Connect your CogniClick campaigns to your CRM to further maximise your sales enablement.

Sales Form Starter Kits

Stuck for inspiration for your next campaign? We’ve got your back with loads of great starter kits to help get your creative juices flowing.

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We created 6 campaigns last year with CogniClick for our global audience which achieved an unprecedented response rate

Hayley Van Leeuwen, Head of Product and Marketing, GNS

Our latest campaign with CogniClick and PRWEEK generated a huge demand for the sales team. WE had over 200 leads and 70% of those who started our campaign requested the full report.

Claire Melly, Head of Marketing, Kantar Media

We have used CogniClick campaigns to generate leads across all our products and generated high level engagement with accountants, payroll professionals and FDs.

Curt Brooker, Head of B2B Marketing, Caxton FX