Sales Accelerator Masterclass

Join the CogniClick Sales Accelerator Masterclass: a 4-week coaching and hands on guidance programme to help you maximise sales success from your content in 2023.

About this CogniClick Masterclass

Get your content marketing sales ready for 2023 with our expert masterclass programme for marketers.

In many ways it’s the most important type of content you’ll create – the sharper end of content creation. But sales content is often overlooked and not given the careful consideration necessary to ensure the all-important close!

This programme will arm you with ideas, tactics and confidence to nail your sales enablement content.

The programme kicks off with a short diagnostic tool to help you understand where your gaps are, followed by two sessions designed to maximise your sales approach, ready for the new year!

Step 1. Self-assess your current approach

Take our quick self assessment to help you understand where you’re strong and where you’re weak in developing strategies and content for sales success and motivating sales to use it.

Step 2. Rethinking buyer-centric content

This live session will look at what buyers want in their content, the different content for different stages of the funnel and where to share it.

We’ll look at how Autodesk generated 900 leads with a maturity assessment and armed sales with deep insights on their key accounts.

Step 3. Upsell, cross sell and retain

This session will look at how to effectively use questions to maximise upsell, cross sell and retention of key accounts.

Looking in detail at how Benefex have used a diagnostic approach to content and sales enablement to grow and retain key accounts.

Step 4. Tailored recommendations

Designed to give you food for thought, using your results from your self assessment, plus a short call, we’ll suggest a plan for your next campaign or project – designed to maximise your sales success.

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