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There are a few steps you could take to improve the accuracy and insight from your analysis. See your specific advice below
How you could improve your reputation intelligence:
Communications professionals need to track the impact of their campaign. Having the resources to know what is being said is one thing. Understanding what impact the coverage is having on the set objectives of a campaign or a more generic corporate program is paramount.
Integrating your monitoring and analysis with the same platform will not only enable a better use of budget but you can get insight anytime and can dip in for the full picture.
You need to understand and be confident of the robustness of your provider’s ranking system. Particularly if you are going to make business decisions from it.
Custom reporting
Structuring your media reporting and curating the output to suit the culture and political agenda within your organisation is paramount today.
Qualitative metrics
Qualitative means you track messaging in detail and the sentiment in detail. You are not just looking at volume or reach or AVE, but at sentiment. Helping you explain why, not just describe what.
Management internally
Measurement should be about 10% of one’s campaign. Generally people try and budget for less that this to get more reach which is a mistake.
AVE is widely accepted to be a meaningless measurement metric. For a more accurate picture, map volume, reach and favourability against a specific reputation barometer.
Message Impact
Tracking specific messages is one important data point but linking it with your reputation drivers gives you the full picture.
By tracking and measuring the key spokespeople within your organisation, you can obtain a more accurate view of your market positioning and advise your C-suite on where to take the lead voice.
Competitor comparison
Being able to learn from competitors both for benchmarking - as well as for ideas to have and mistakes to avoid.
Share of voice
The data is easy to collect but the reasoning provided by qualitative analysis contains insight which can’t be ignored.
The right insight
The right insight provides the substance you need to reach and influence senior level decision making within your organisation.
Media Scope
Your C-Suite want one report so combining the analysis from different media types needs to be taken seriously. The methodology should not be designed for traditional media exclusively and should support you irrespective of the media source.
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We will contact you about your free monitoring in the next 48 hours