Question and conversion tools

Working with you

Stage 1. Strategise

We help you turn the unique value in your business into ideas that sell. We work with you to help identify the topics that differentiate your business and develop the right qualifying questions that are sharply focussed on your prospects biggest pain points. We also help you plan the right amplification for lead generation – whether targeted email, paid media or media partnerships.

Stage 2. Create

We’ll then transform this into highly engaging interactive content, such as a calculator, assessment, or benchmarking tool. We’ll help you create the perfect experience for your prospects so you can have deeper and more meaningful engagements with your customers.

Stage 3. Optimise

CogniClick makes it easy to test and optimise you sales tool based on the insights you gather from your interactions so you can make sure your content continues to bring in the qualified leads you need. We’ll help you monitor audience interactions, review results and optimise conversion.

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