Accelerate sales conversations

CogniClick provides a unique approach to content marketing by combining a team of highly experienced sales experts with a suite of sales-optimised tools to help you win and grow more accounts.

A diagnostic approach to content marketing

Understanding the needs of your audience is essential for any successful marketing and sales team, so at CogniClick, we help you remove the guess work. Our unique diagnostic approach to content marketing helps gather the key information sales teams need to retain and grow existing accounts and maximise new business opportunities.

Using the right questions, you can uncover crucial sales intelligence on your leads; gaining key data about business needs and challenges. This can be fed straight to your sales team, arming them with insights to start conversations and lead to higher conversion rates.

Stage 1. Strategise

We help you turn the unique value in your business into ideas that sell. We work with you to help identify the most engaging approach for your leads and develop the right qualifying questions to uncover the insights your sales team needs. At this stage we often work with sales and marketing together to uncover what a good lead looks like.

Stage 2. Create

We’ll transform this insight into one or more highly-compelling interactive diagnostic sales tools. Such as an assessment or benchmarking tool.

Stage 3. Onboard and Train

We’ll onboard your sales team, integrate with your preferred CRM and we can also help devise a training programme so your sales team can maximise all channels using their tool.

Behind CogniClick

CogniClick was formed by a group of sales and technical experts who specialise in lead generation, conversion, the psychology of how to sell, and how to do so using content.

Our background and experience in sales has heavily influenced our content creation platform, which was built with a heightened focus on improving engagement and conversion to support B2B organizations with sales growth.

Customer Support

Whether it’s choosing the right format, keeping it bang on brand, or knowing where to share it – we’re here to help.

From thought leadership, solution-focussed content or content for sales, our dedicated team are on hand every step of the way to help you make the most of your B2B content and increase sales success.

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