Maximise your sales success

Here are some of the ways that CogniClick have helped clients maximise their sales success.

Improve Lead Volume

CogniClick enabled Autodesk to create a 9-question assessment enabling Autodesk’s customers and prospects, who were still using 2D design, to assess the benefits of moving to 3D.

The assessment gave users a personalised score and report to help them prepare for digitising their design processes.

The call to action was a discovery call to discuss the result in more detail with Autodesk account managers.

Results were highly successful with 900 Conversions across MEA, Turkey and UK regions.

Improve Discovery

The FT’s group subscriptions sales team wanted to educate the market on effectively avoiding risk by having access to the latest news and global insights.

We developed the ‘Tech Risk Test’ to help Tech companies understand where they were exposed to risk and suggested a plan of action to reduce this with clear insight into the horizon.

The tools was shared via social media, email and directly by the global sales team giving them rich insight into customers.

Improve Upselling

CogniClick created the Wellbeing Index assessment for Benefex to enable their account managers to share a valuable diagnostic tool with key accounts and prospects.

The Wellbeing index gave clients and prospects a personalised score and breakdown of areas to focus on in their organisation’s approach to staff wellbeing.

The results were astonishing, with 100% engagement rate and calls booked with most of Benefex’s clients as a follow up. The tool also unlocked a conversation and subsequent new business win for Benefex with a large UK retailer!

Use of the Wellbeing Index is ongoing and is planned as
an annual tool to maximise engagement, upsell and help aid retention of customers.

Improve Cross Selling

Kantar Consumer Insights Team wanted to add momentum into the sales process and enable customers to easily brief the sales team on what they needed from their research.

We created the Consumer Insight Challenge which enabled customers to easily tell Kantar exactly what they needed in their research and challenge Kantar to deliver it!

Within the first week 80 qualified leads were delivered to the sales team with detailed insight on their needs for effective follow up.

Improve Closing

QMS an international renowned provider of ISO certifications wanted to make it easy for sales to close meetings and ales around their Environmental ISO.

The Green Giveaway enabled a quick gap analysis for the user and presented a discount on the ISO.

Sales were given leads ready to talk and open to kick off with the certification with a reduced price incentive.

Improve Lead Quality

Iron Mountain created the IT Risk Benchmark to improve the quality of leads from their campaign to CTOs.

The live benchmark was shared via key owned and bought media channels including Risk Channel.

220 technology professionals ran through the benchmark and 90 requested the final report which was personalised to their responses.

Sales received leads that had not only requested follow up but they also had rich insight into their benchmark answers.

Improve Qualification

To launch Climate Credit Analytics to their customers, S&P created the assessment: ‘Is your Bank ready to tackle climate risk?’

A few simple questions enabled customers to understand their gaps and where they should focus attention. The result highlighted solutions to consider based on their specific needs.

The S&P account management team were able to follow up with clear knowledge on their customers needs and goals.

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