B2B buyers want this from your content

We know in B2B marketing that the road to good demand generation starts and often ends with good content marketing. Particularly now, in the wake of Covid-19 and lockdown, we’re having to reach and engage our audiences almost solely online – and certainly for the foreseeable future. As the Head of B2B Advertising at the FT put it recently ‘our customers have shot to digital’.

This shift away from live events however, has resulted in a hell of a lot of the same kind of content. A recent CogniClick Benchmark revealed that as many as 40% of B2B marketers are using webinar as their main demand generation tool and 25% are using white paper. With so much of the same kind of content online, however unique your proposition – differentiating your webinar and white paper is going to be challenging.

On top of this, both content types require a decent time investment. There are, after all, only so many hours we have in a day to watch a webinar. Our buyers today want content that’s uniquely valuable and answers their questions, but with workloads not getting any lighter and information overload not getting any easier, and with the average person spending just 37 seconds reading online content, it’s pretty clear that increasingly, B2B buyers want valuable insights quickly.

Our buyers are also being sold to, a lot. The average B2B Buyer receives between 50 and 150 introductions from new vendors per week across multiple channels. Learning from vendors and subscribing to their content is useful certainly, but in the hierarchy of trust and usefulness, learning from peers in our industry, trumps vendors.

A recent Forrestor article on ‘Empathetic Content’ suggested that modern b2b buyers expect to be treated as partners by companies rather than targets and what they value right now is not only support and advice on how to solve their specific challenges but also insights on how their peers within the industry are coping. Let’s face it, our B2B buyers trust their peers more than us, and our B2B buyers are craving more ‘community’ led insight.

Finally, personalisation has been a top priority for B2B marketers for some time now and there’s a lot of talk about how to achieve personalisation in content marketing – and we’re not talking here about simply shoehorning in the prospects name.

How we make our content relevant to each individual is the key to offering real relevant value and to ensure we’re making our content highly engaging, sticky and shareable. B2B buyers want real personalisation that actually adds value. Do this right and you won’t only increase engagement at the top of the funnel but increase conversion considerably at the bottom. Doing this at scale is the money shot for marketers.